Waterproof potty training pants Popolini size XL


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Waterproof potty training pants size XL over 15 kg.


The potty training pants are used when the child begins to experiment with the use of the potty: the inside is absorbent (polyester and viscose covered with organic cotton), while the outside is waterproof. In this way it is possible to contain the small “accidents” that occur when the child becomes autonomous, but leaving the feeling of wet to help him understand “what happens”.

Size XL fits approximately over 15 kg, for children of 3-4 years.

It is worn like a panty and therefore can also be used as an “all-in-one” nappy for a quick change, remembering however that it has less absorbency than a real diaper. Can be used at home, for going out or for afternoon naps. Indicatively it absorbs a pee. If needed, the absorbency can be strengthened by placing an absorbent insert from a washable nappy in the potty training pants.

Compared to the Charlie Banana swim nappies/training pants it is more absorbent, but more bulky.

In 2020 a new version was produced, with a cotton terry interior and adjustable elastic both at the waist and around the thigh: just extract the elastic from the edges (using a crochet hook, a pencil, a fork…) and tighten it with a knot if necessary.
The previous version is at a discounted price.


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