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Steel water bottles and baby bottles #plasticfree (VIDEO)

Infant and water bottles, even thermal, without plastic thanks to PURA, an American company awarded for these products. All PURA bottles are made of stainless steel and have a system of interchangeable silicone caps that grow with the child, giving the opportunity to save on the purchase of new products.

Evolutionary bottle

It means that you can use the same bottle by replacing the silicone nipple with other caps/spouts according to different needs. With the passing of months and years insted of the silicone nipple you can use:

  • the cap with spout or the cap with straw to turn the bottle into a glass, to be used for meals or near the bed for the night
  • the cap “sport” for children, teenagers and adults to turn it into a water bottle
  • the flat disc cap to transform it into a food box: to store and transport baby food, fruit, small snacks, breast milk, to be used at home or outside the home

In addition, the ring on which the caps are mounted is also compatible with teats of other brands (such as Avent, Mam, Thinkbaby, Bornfree, Dr.Brown’s) if you want to turn the bottle into feeding bottles using things that you might already have at home.

How PURA bottles are made

Infant and water bottles PURA are made of pure stainless steel for food use 304 and you can find them of various capacities, from 150 ml forward. The wide opening facilitates cleaning and pouring of liquids, also allows the introduction of ice cubes to keep drinks fresh longer in summer.

Externally the PURA bottles are coated with a colored medical silicone cover, for a soft and non-slippery grip. Even teats, spouts and caps are made of medical silicone.

All the components of the bottles, both in steel and the silicone parts, can be washed in the dishwasher, including the thermal bottles.

No part of the bottle is made of plastic, which is why PURA products are safe, ecological, durable (they have a lifetime warranty on steel parts) and have been awarded with 35 awards, including the MADE SAFE NON TOXIC certification in 2016.

Watch the video to better understand the various possibilities of using PURA bottles by simply changing the cap!

Discover all PURA water bottles and accessories in the e-shop.



My name is Lucia Monterosso, I live in Cremona and I have 3 children. Always interested in environmental issues, fair trade and the green economy, I am the founder of Pannolinofelice, a small company created to spread the use of washable nappies and sustainable clothing for children.


24/06/2016    Mothers and children

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