Evolutionary water bottle in steel with straw 325ml Pura



Evolutionary water bottle in steel.


Steel water bottle convertible lid.

This infant bottle is 304 food grade stainless steel, the capacity is 325 ml, suitable for baby feeding. The wide mouth facilitates cleaning and pouring of liquids or powdered milk; the inside is graduated to allow a precise dosage.

Externally it is covered with a colored medical silicone cover, for a soft and non-slippery grip. The lid with straw is made of medical silicone with a removable internal straw to facilitate cleaning; with an internal straw inserted you can drink while holding the bottle “standing”, without an internal straw you drink by turning the bottle upside down. The ring on which it is mounted is compatible with nipple of other brands, such as Avent, Mam, Thinkbaby, BornFree, Dr. Brown’s.

The package includes a silicone cap to protect the lid.

No part of the bottle is made of plastic, which is why they are safe, ecological, durable (they have a lifetime warranty on the steel parts) and have been awarded with 35 awards, including the MADE SAFE NON TOXIC certification in 2016.

Why is it an “evolutionary” bottle?

Because PURA has designed a system of silicone lids compatible with the bottle that allow it to be transformed. When the baby grows up, the following can be used instead of the silicone teat:

  • the cap with sippy or the cap with straw to transform the bottle into a glass, to be used for meals or near the bed for the night
  • the “sport” cap for children and teenagers to transform it into a small bottle
  • the flat disc lid to transform it into a food box: to store and transport baby food, fruit, small snacks, breast milk, for use at home or away from home.

All these additional caps are sold separately and are available in the Happynappy shop.

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