Washable nappies, organic clothing for children, baby carriers and slings


Washable diapers for adults and the elderly: waterproof but breathable (VIDEO)

Adults and seniors with incontinence who suffer from irritation caused by the use of disposable diapers can benefit from washable adult diapers. Popolini’s washable cotton diaper is inspired by the models of washable baby cloth nappies that the company is producing for almost 30 years. The main features are skin softness, breathability, high absorbency and […]

Swim nappy Charlie Banana and Popolini in comparison

The swim nappy is a special bath nappy that is used to retain any children’s feces during the game in the pool or at the sea. In the previous post I explained how swim nappies work and what they are for, also illustrating the advantages of a washable swim nappy compared to disposable ones. Let’s […]

Children’s swim nappies for the pool and sea: how do they work?

The washable swim nappies for children, also called bath nappies, perfectly replace the disposable pool nappies. But what must contain the swimsuits contain? Have you ever asked it to yourself? With my first daughter, I used them in the pool without reflecting too much on their meaning, also because I did not yet know the […]

That head that sweats at night…

Last summer I was able to solve my son’s night sweat problem. For sure you understand what I’m talking about: you put the baby to bed, come back after 15 minutes to check that everything is okay and find him asleep with wet hair and the unmistakable circular sweat stain on the pillow. In the […]

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