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Popolini nappies

pannolini lavabili stesi neve

Photo by Luisa Caretta, Livinallongo (BL)

I tried with my children all the Popolini nappy models and I can give you some advice if you wish. The basic kit suggested is 20/24 nappies (about 6 diapers per day for a newborn), 3 waterproof panties and a pack of protective veils; this way you can make a washing machine full load every 3 days. Check the diapers available for online purchase , if they are not available you can order the needed quantity. Or come to my shop in Cremona to see them for real and ask all the questions you want.

Facebook group is also active to exchange opinions and advice on the use and choice of Popolini washable nappies: sign up now!

One size Popolini washable nappies, 3-15 kg

pannolinoOneSizeOneSize. The size is reduced by folding the front part on itself. The snap buttons ensure a firm and secure closure. The extra absorbent liner provided can be buttoned to the nappy if necessary (for the night and for older children). Available in the Organic variant (100% organic cotton, very absorbent) and Soft (85% organic cotton, 15% polyester, more stable in shape and more resistant to washing). It is used with the waterproof cover overlaid. Available white or colored.

PannolinoUltraFit organicUltraFit. Similar to the Onesize, but with the Velcro at the waist and the buttons at the front to adjust the size. The additional absorbent liner provided can be inserted if necessary. Available in white Organic cotton terry (100% organic cotton), in the Soft variant (85% organic cotton, 15% polyester) or in the Interlock Soft variant (100% organic cotton in contact with internal Polyester/Viscose padding to speed up drying) white or striped. It is used with waterproof panties (learn more about the characteristics of UltraFit in this post).

pannolinoPanda softPanda. Smaller than the first two, ideal for newborns. The size is adjusted by folding the ends with velcro on themselves. Each nappy contains an extra absorbent liner. The latest variant of the Panda model is also equipped with velcro band on the front to ensure a secure closure even in the tightest adjustment. Available in the Organic and Soft variant. Waterproof cover is required.

Watch the video for these three kind of washable nappies.

These three models of washable nappies, also called “fitted” type, are sold individually or in a kit of 10 pieces + 1 waterproof PopoWrap size S + 2 StayDry liner.

– ONESIZE SET: Availability: Organic variant ecru or assorted colours; Soft variant ecru or assorted colours

– ULTRAFIT SET: Organic variant only ecru color; Soft variant only assorted colors; Interlock Soft variant (includes 8 Interlock stripes nappies and 2 Soft terry nappies in ercu color);

– PANDA SET: Soft variant ecru or assorted colours; Organic variant only ecru color.

ciripàCiripà, the traditional and cheap one-size nappy used by our mothers or grandmothers. It is in soft organic cotton jersey, it is used folded by placing an absorbent liner inside (prefold nappies or a folded muslin) and outside waterproof PUL or a wool panty. Ideal for newborns, even the smallest ones, as it fits well to the body, a bit more uncomfortable to put when the baby starts to move on the changing table. Watch the video on the Ciripà folding.

Size washable diapers

TwoSize. Nappy “fitted” with push buttons placed on the sides. Available in three sizes: S (3-9kg), L (8-15kg) and XL (+15kg). Older children can wear it and take it off like a panty. Available in Organic o Soft variant. The use of a waterproof cover is necessary.

Prefold. Rectangle of cotton more absorbent in the center (8 layers of fabric in the center and 4 on the sides) to be inserted folded into a waterproof panty, possibly using the Snappy hook. Sizes: S (30x41cm), M (34x47cm), L (39x53cm).

Watch the video of the TwoSize nappies and some folding possibilities of prefold nappies.




Mutanda Vento





Popolini produces different kinds of cover for washable nappies. PopoWrap cover are produced in five sizes (XS 2,5-4kg, S 3-6kg, M 5-10kg, L 9-15kg, XL >14kg); white or colored, they have soft exterior, waterproof interior and a breathable membrane. EasyWrap is one size: you can adjust the size by closing the push buttons on the front, while the Velcro closure is on the the belly. Snap2fit is a one size cover, you reduce the size by snaps and you close it with snaps on the belly; you can transform it in a velcro cover with a special accessory. Vento, white or colored, is available in four sizes and can easily be closed by push buttons on the side: they are comfortable for older children because they can be worn as a panty after putting on the shaped diaper. WoolPant are knitted wool, very breathable although still waterproof, keep warm the newwborn’s tummy (further details on the wool covers in this post). Buy the covers in e-shop.

Watch videos on waterproof covers for washable nappies posted on my Youtube channel.

Swim nappies

CostumeContenitivoRossoMostriMariniSwimming nappies for the pool made up of polyamide and elastane, also called containment swimsuit, adjustable laterally and round the thigh with press buttons; it is used from weaning. A net is sewn inside. Available in various colors in size S (3-9 kg) and L (8-15 kg). Look here all the models of Swimming nappies for babies.


Trainer nappy is comfortable when the baby starts to use the potty: the inside is absorbent (polyester and viscose coated with organic cotton), while the outside is waterproof. In this way you can contain the small “accidents” that happen when the child becomes autonomous, but leaving the feeling of wet to help him understand “what happens”. It can also be used as an “all-in-one” nappy for a quick change, but remember that it has less absorbent capacity than a nappy. Available in sizes S (9-12 kg, 1-2 years), L (12-15 kg, 2-3 years), and XL (over 15kg, from 4 years). Read more about how to remove the nappy.

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Useful accessories for washable nappies

Velo feci liquide PopliBoxLiners are used between the nappy and the baby’s skin to quickly absorb moisture and not overly dirty the diaper. If they are only wet with pee they can be washed several times in the washing machine, vice versa they are thrown in the toilet along with the feces. Liners in roll are indicated during breastfeeding because more absorbent, the veils in box have a more draining effect, are a little larger and indicated by weaning. Shop now.

Stay-Dry cloth, included in all Popolini Set. They are washable liners in a special technical fabric with draining effect: they rest on the nappy instead of the liners to keep the skin dry. They are mainly used at night when the nappy stays wet for a longer time. Shop now.

Nappy Bag safariwet diaper bag (Nappy Bag) (Nappy Bag) is made with the same waterproof and breathable material as Popowrap nappy. It’s useful for storing used nappies when you’re out of home and in the nursery, but also as a bag for changing the baby to take to the hospital for childbirth and then to keep with you, or even to contain the wet swimsuits by the sea and by the pool. Washable in the washing machine. Shop now.

salviettine lavabili cambio bambinoCleaning wipes in organic cotton (22x22cm) usable for cleaning the baby’s bottom. They are moistened with water and soap, cleasing cream or oil and they are used when changing the nappy. They are washed if necessary and reused, replacing disposable wet wipes. Shop now.

seta burettaSilk burette veil knitted for skin irritations.
Burette silk is obtained from the cocoon of the silkworm when the metamorphosis into a butterfly has already occurred and the silkworm has pierced the cocoon to get out. During the metamorphosis process, the worm secretes a protective substance from which the cocoon remains impregnated. For this reason burette silk cloths have soothing and protective properties and can be used without contraindications in case of temporary irritations and redness of the bottom skin. Just place the burette silk veil on the nappy in contact with the skin and leave for a few hours. Then, wash the veil by hand in cold water or in the washing machine max. 30° with wool/silk detergent. Shop now


Washable diapers for adults

pannolone lavabile adultiKombolone. Kombolone nappy consists of two pieces: waterproof pant and liner. The panty is made of a waterproof but breathable fabric, you can wear standing or lying down thanks to the side opening with velcro. Inside, the “soft” cotton absorbent liner (85% organic cotton + 15% polyester yarn fabric together to ensure softness and resistance) is placed, matching it to the underpants with press snaps. If necessary, you can place on the cotton liner a biodegradable liner: it is then thrown into the toilet if dirty or washed together with diapers if only wet; the liner also has a draining effect, so it leaves the skin dry. The diapers are washed in the washing machine with the rest of the laundry at 40°-60°, occasionally even at 90°; the panty is not washed at every change, when necessary it is washed by hand or in the washing machine in cold water or at 60° maximum. For information and reservations contact us or shop now.


Certificates and quality seals

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard): this is the globally leading standard for the sustainable processing of natural biological fibers. The quality assurance of the entire production chain is monitored by an independent institution and guarantees a strict following of ecological and social standards.

Popolini quality mark for certified organic cotton products from suppliers without GOTS certification.

All fabrics (including those with synthetic fibres) are certified in accordance with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Class 1 (small children) and therefore guaranteed to be free of toxic substances.

Where are Popolini nappies made? Visit the factory website in Hungary.

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