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Newborn cloth nappies “MiniFit” by Popolini

The washable nappies called “newborn” are nappies dedicated to newborns in the first months of life. Popolini has just introduced them in its catalog and in this article I will explain how they are made and when it is useful to use them.

What are newborn nappies

They are small washable nappies, suitable for use from the first days of life of a full-term or premature baby. Popolini newborn nappies can be worn from about 2 kg to 8 kg.

The peculiarity of the Popolini newborn diapers is in fact that the size is adjustable, thanks to the reduction system with the buttons. In this way they can be used for many months, depending on the growth of the child. Ideally, the use of “newborn” nappies has never convinced me too much: if you need a small nappy, I preferred to suggest other solutions, such as prefold or muslin, which can then be reused in other ways for a long time time. However, the size adjustment system of the new MiniFit and MiniSnap Popolini seems to me a smart and practical idea and for this reason I decided to offer them in my shop.

Pannolini Newborn Popolini nappies: how they are

Popolini has produced two different models of “newborns”, similar to the diapers already in the catalog, simply in the “mini” version. Both are in GOTS certified organic cotton and are of the “fitted” type: the absorbent fabric is shaped in the shape of a diaper; these diapers must therefore be used with an external waterproof cover.

The MiniFit is identical to the Ultrafit Popolini model: the waist closure is with velcro, the size can be is elastic and curled. The MiniSnap is the little brother of the Onesize Popolini model: it closes at the waist with snaps, the size is adjusted by turning the top edge with the row of buttons (underneath there is another row, 2 possible adjustments), around the thighs it is stretchy. Both nappies have an additional cotton insert supplied, which can be fixed internally with a button. In principle, the diaper is used initially without insert and then added when you notice an increase in the amount of pee or when the diaper change becomes less frequent.

Once the diaper has been worn, the external waterproof cover must be added to retain moisture inside and not to wet the clothes. Popolini has adapted the XS size cover making it also adjustable. The new Popowrap cover with velcro in size XS now has buttons on the front that allow three types of size adjustment, in order to follow the fit of the new diapers, also adapting to the body of the smallest children. You can also use the XS cover on other fitted diapers and on prefold/muslin/ciripĂ . It is not necessary to replace the cover at every nappy change, so if it is not dirty it can be reused all day.

When you can use “newborn” nappies

* Did you think about using washable nappies but your baby was born premature or is he very small? You can take advantage of the “newborn” model to use washable nappies from the first days of life, since you can already wear them at 2kg of weight.

* You really don’t like the greater bulk of the washable nappy that you notice in the first months on a newborn? The “newborn” nappy guarantee you a slim fit and the same absorbency as a “standard” size diaper.

* In the first months you thought of using muslins and prefolds to have a slim fit but you don’t find yourself with folds? With the “newborn” nappy you have an item that is practical and quick to wear and with adequate absorbency for frequent changes of a newborn baby.

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My name is Lucia Monterosso, I live in Cremona and I have 3 children. Always interested in environmental issues, fair trade and the green economy, I am the founder of Pannolinofelice, a small company created to spread the use of washable nappies and sustainable clothing for children.


07/02/2019    Organic clothing

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