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Ecological nappies

Nappynat bambinoIn order to respect the environment and the health of the child, Pannolinofelice offers, next to washable nappies, a line of disposable ecological nappies.

Our ECO BOOM biodegradable bamboo diapers are soft and ecological; you can macht them with our wet bamboo wipes.

Eco Boom nappies are made of woven non-woven bamboo fiber on the top and back, they are fragrance-free, chlorine-free and without harmful substances: this is why they are particularly suitable for the delicate skin of newborns.

The nappies are white, without ink, with flexible rubber bands and with a moisture indicator. The materials used for the production of the diapers are without latex, PVC, TBT or antioxidants. The absorbent core guarantees excellent absorption and keeps your baby’s skin dry. The presence of natural aloe oil nourishes the baby’s skin and keeps the diaper soft.

Biodegradables nappies

Bamboo is an ecological fiber because in a few months the plant reaches the right size to be cut and processed. Furthermore, Eco Boom nappies decompose 70% in 150 days, unlike a traditional nappy, which takes 500 years to completely decompose. The bamboo fiber material reduces the impact of plastic waste on the environment by 30%.

Nappies in bulk

Buy only the amount of nappies you need for your baby:

  • when you need small quantities to use alternately with cloth nappies
  • if you want to try some ones before taking more
  • without waste when the baby is changing the size
  • you save money compared to buying small packs


Eco Boom bamboo nappies are safe on the skin, because they are guaranteed by several certifications:

  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 which guarantees the safety of products intended for children
  • ISO 9001 which certifies the quality of the company
  • OK BIOBASED which verifies the degree of renewability of the materials used with a star system (Eco Boom diapers have 2 stars out of 4)
  • FSC indicating the use of wood products from responsibly managed forests
  • CE which guarantees the product’s suitability for sale on the European market
  • Eco Boom biodegradable bamboo wet wipes

Who are EcoBoom nappies for?

  • For those looking for a natural product for the particularly delicate skin of their child, without giving up the practicality of disposable and with good absorbent.
  • For those who use washable nappies, but want to alternate them with a disposable model that is still sustainable for the environment and delicate on the skin (for grandparents, short holidays, supplies, emergencies…).
  • For those who would ideally like to use washable nappies for their low ecological impact, but are afraid of not being able to manage the washes: this is a choice that will still make you feel in tune with your values.

EcoBoom nappies are available in my e-shop.

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