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New Easyfree Popolini pouch nappy (VIDEO)

Popolini has recently introduced in its range of washable nappies a new type of size nappy with “pouch” or “All-In-3” system. The new Easyfree nappy is structured in the opposite way compared to the most common washable nappies: the outer cover is in fact made of cotton and the waterproof part is inside, where it […]

One-size-fits-all bodysuit J BIMBI

A new intelligent product enters Pannolinofelice assortment: I present the J Bimbi one-size-fits-all bodysuits. The baby bodysuits proposed by J Bimbi are an innovative garment designed to meet the needs of saving and functionality of families. They are bodysuits in stretch organic cotton that fits from 0 to 3 years thanks to the special weaving: […]

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