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When I created this website, I carried out a small survey among the nurseries of Cremona active at the time to ask how they manage a child if parents want him to wear washable nappies. From the Nonsolociripà website I report this article on the use of washable nappies in several nurseries in Italy: “Does your child also wear washable nappies in kindergarten?”

Nurseries of the Coop. Il Cortile in Cremona and province

In these kindergartens, nappies are brought by families.

L’Arcobaleno (via Livrasco 14/b, tel. 0372 560903) has already hosted children with washable nappies: at each change the educators put the used nappy in a bag that is delivered to the family daily.

In the kindergartens Elsa e Vico Gosi (via S.Francesco d’Assisi 1/b, Cremona, tel. 0372 25466), Piccole tracce (largo Priori, Cremona, tel. 0372 430746), Il Girasole (via Massarotti 58, Cremona, tel. 0372 499674), Badia (via Abbadia 30, Cavatigozzi, tel. 342 5362245), Vidoni (via Figlie della Carità, San Giovanni in Croce, tel. 0375 310389) the educators are available to evaluate this possibility with the parents concerned.

Nurseries of the Coop. Iride in Cremona and province

In these kindergartens the nappies are provided by the school. The management is available to agree on the use of washable nappies brought for their child by the families concerned.

Il giardino delle coccole (Via San Sebastiano, Cremona, tel. 0372 800817 ); Iride (Via Chiosi, Cremona, tel. 0372 458146);  Mondo magico (Via C. Gamba, Casalbuttano, tel. 0374 032230); Ninna Nanna (Via Enrico Berlinguer, Gadesco, tel. 0372 838512); Michele Marazzi (Via I Maggio, Vescovato, tel. 0372 830729)

Farm nursery Piccoli Frutti in Cremona

In this kindergarten, nappies are brought by families. Parents who use washable diapers can make arrangements with the management to make them use even at the nursery. Agrinido Piccoli Frutti (via Malcantone 16/D – Boschetto, tel. 0372 453887, cell. 333 5734589, e-mail: gmaghenzani@aliceposta.it).

Municipal nurseries in Cremona

The Education Policy Department of the Municipality of Cremona manages 4 structures: Lancetti, Navaroli, Sacchi, San Francesco. In these kindergartens the management is available to agree on the use of washable nappies brought for their child by the families concerned; at Navaroli and Lancetti there are already children who use washable diapers provided by their parents.

Are there any news in kindergartens that you know? Leave a comment below!

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