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Swim nappy Charlie Banana and Popolini in comparison

The swim nappy is a special bath nappy that is used to retain any children’s feces during the game in the pool or at the sea. In the previous post I explained how swim nappies work and what they are for, also illustrating the advantages of a washable swim nappy compared to disposable ones. Let’s now see the features of two models of washable swim nappies, the Charlie Banana and the Popolini, both produced by companies with great experience in washable nappies. If you already use washable nappies for your child it will be logical to continue your ecological choice even in summer, on holiday by the sea, by the pool or for neonatal water courses.

Popolini swim nappies

costume contenitivo popolini al mareThe washable swim nappies produced by Popolini are very similar to a normal swimsuit, but they hide a secret: the stool collection net. The Popolini containment swimsuit is in polyamide and elastane, a pleasant to the touch fabric certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and with protection from ultraviolet rays UV50 +. It is produced in two sizes: the Small for babies (3-9 kg) and the Large for slightly larger children (8-15 kg). Both sizes are adjustable with side buttons to allow a perfect fit of the costume at the waist and around the thighs. Considering the growth of the child, it is possible to use the size L swimsuit even for two summers, by adjusting the buttons on the sides.

Inside there is a very dense mesh net, narrower than the swimsuit: the net keeps any poop in the costume, preventing it from escaping into the water. You can have the child wear the swim nappy while standing upright. In case of faeces, the buttons on the sides make it very easy to change the baby, because you can open the costume from the side like a normal nappy.

Popolini is based in Austria and the swim nappies are made in Hungary.

Charlie Banana swim nappies

costume contenitivo piscina charlie banana

Charlie Banana swim nappies have a slightly padded interior and in contact with the skin there is a light layer of organic cotton; the outside is in polyester and polyurethane. They are produced in three sizes: Small (4.5 – 6 kg), Medium (6 – 9 kg), Large (9 – 12 kg) and Extra Large (13 – 25 kg). They must be purchased in the right size for the child, without being too abundant, because they must fit well to the body. At the waist a strap allows you to tighten them further if necessary.

The stretch edges around the thigh and waist are double-stitched to hold any feces in the nappy, giving the parent time to change the baby out of the water.

The absorbent padding also makes the swimsuit a practical panty for the transition from the nappy to the potty, managing to absorb small leaks of pee (read other products in the blog and tips for removing the nappy). It is worn and removed from the legs like a normal panty, in a color version it has side buttons for opening.

Charlie Banana is a US company and the production is located in China.

Which swim nappy should I choose?

So what can be the washable swim nappy that best suits your needs, also considering that the price of the two types of swim nappy is almost the same?

You can choose the Popolini swim nappy if:

  • Your child is already weaned and therefore the consistency of the stool is no longer liquid
  • You only need a swimsuit for play or swimming lessons
  • You will use it on the water’s edge at the sea
  • You need a quick-drying swimsuit
  • Prefer the side opening with buttons

Charlie Banana washable swim nappy is a good choice for you if:

  • Your child will play in the sandbox or on the playground with the swimsuit
  • Your child still has liquid stools but you want to keep them with something lighter and fresher than a nappy
  • Go for a slightly absorbent swimsuit for when you’re holding it in your lap, on your towel or by the pool
  • Think of using it again at the time of the potty training as a potty training pants
  • You prefer that it has organic cotton in contact with the skin

Check out all the swim nappy available in the Happynappy e-shop.

And after swimming in the sea?

If you are going to bathe your child at home and not on the beach it is almost a shame to put the clean nappy (disposable or washable) on a salty and sandy bottom… You can make him wear a dry Charlie Banana swimsuit or a Popolini potty trainer pants, more absorbent, for the journey by car, stroller or sling. In my opinion, it is convenient to place a washable waterproof crossbar on the car seat or stroller, so as not to dirty them with sand and to save them from any pee. Both Charlie Banana and Popolini produce this type of changing cloth, with organic cotton on one side and waterproof PUL on the other. They are also useful to place on the deck chair, in the lawn or in the baby carrige during play or naps.

telo cambio Charlie Banana cotone biotraversa impermeabile lavabile Popolini cotone biologico



My name is Lucia Monterosso, I live in Cremona and I have 3 children. Always interested in environmental issues, fair trade and the green economy, I am the founder of Pannolinofelice, a small company created to spread the use of washable nappies and sustainable clothing for children.

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