Water bottle with removable sippy and carabiner



Children’s water bottle with sippy and straw


Useful water bottle for children to take to school, on trips, in the sports backpack. Thanks to the carabiner it can be hooked to the outside of a backpack or stroller, to always have it available. The drip stop system prevents water from escaping if the bottle is turned upside down with the spout down.

The drinking sippy rises and falls and is connected to an internal straw; a spare straw is also supplied

Size: 17 cm. x 6 cm. approx.

Capacity: contains about 340 ml.

Material: High quality Tritan (an impact resistant and scratch resistant material), polypropylene and silicone. This bottle is non-toxic, does not contain lead, BPA or PVC.
Do not use in the microwave. It is possible to wash in the dishwasher in the upper basket.

Manufacturer: Sugarbooger by O.r.e. Originals (USA)


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