Magic Potty training with book and stikers


Book and stickers for potty training.

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The Magic Potty kit is a fun aid for the transition from diaper to potty. The kit contains:

  • 1 hardcover booklet of only images to tell the child: teddy bears discover a potty among the games and they wonder what it can be used for … You can read the book before buying the potty to intrigue your child, or you can use it as a special book to watch sitting on the potty or toilet while waiting to pee.
  • 2 thermal stickers to glue inside your potty: with the heat of the pee the cloud disappears and the smiling sun appears by magic. When you rinse the potty with cold water the cloud reappears. It is a fun way to encourage the child to choose the potty as a place to do his business, he will be the one to do the magic!
  • lots of stickers with the smiling sun to glue when the potty fills up: you can glue them at the end of the booklet, on a calendar, or directly on the bathroom tiles … It’s a positive reinforcement to be taken as a game.

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