Ecological laundry liquid detergent

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Hierba Buena ecological liquid detergent for hand and machine washing, 1 liter.

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Hierba Buena ecological liquid detergent, 1 liter.

This laundry detergent is produced from raw materials of plant origin. It is highly biodegradable. It is suitable for both hand washing and machine washing of normal and delicate items, including wool and silk; it allows to obtain excellent results even at low temperatures.

Use at the doses indicated on the package in the washing machine tray or in the special ball directly in the basket (half dose is enough for washable nappies).

Contains: Surfactants of vegetable and natural origin, highly and quickly biodegradable
Does not contain: Petroleum derivatives, enzymes, fluorine, chlorides, phosphates, EDTA, ammonia, optical brighteners, formaldehyde, defoamers, substances of animal origin (highly polluting substances for the environment and for humans).

COMPOSITION (Art. 8 L. 7/86 – Reg. 648/2004 / EC)
*Anionic surfactants: 5% and 15% (Sodium Lauryl sulfate)

*Non-ionic surfactants: 5-15%:

– Sodium alcohol sulphate: anionic surfactant, good washing power.

– Lauryl glucoside: non-ionic surfactant, delicate and well tolerated by the skin, it is also used in cosmetics. Used to reduce the aggressiveness of the strongest surfactants. Stabilizes the viscosity of the product.

– Alkyl polyglycol ether: ionic surfactant. Good degradability

– Tetrasodium MGDA: sequestering of heavy metals and calcium ions, it helps to improve the washing power of surfactants. Good biodegradability. (tetrasodium EDTA is an excellent sequestering agent and is also degradable, but the excessive use is causing accumulation problems. It is not toxic to the individual)

– Salts and ethoxylated fatty alcohols: anionic surfactants, anti-redeposition of dirt. Good biodegradability

* Other components: perfume


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