woven wrap in organic cotton Babylonia jacquard light blue



Babylonia woven wrap in organic cotton, m 4.90.

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Babylonia 100% organic cotton woven wrap produced as part of a fair trade project in India (learn more).

Weight: 260 gsm. Length: 4.90 meters (size 6.5)

Features: the weaving of this sling is done on a loom with weft and warp, so that the sling is rigid horizontally and vertically, but elastic diagonally. Since the fabric does not give way, it is the ideal band for those who want to wear immediately but also after the first months, for big babies, twins and for long walks. It can be carried in front, on the side and on the back as long as the child and wearer wish, so it is also suitable for children of 3-4 years or up to 20 kg in weight.

The length of the band of 4.90 m makes all ligatures possible even for tall bearers (size L-XL).
In the case of couples of parents of different heights who wish to wear, the longer range can be chosen.

The package includes the booklet with photographic instructions for wearing front, side and back.

Color: light blue with jacquard texture.

Machine washable at 60°C, you can use the dryer.


The weight of a band is its weight calculated in grams per square meter (g / m2). The more the weight increases, the more the sling is supportive and therefore suitable for carrying even heavy children. On the other hand, bands with very high weights are a little more rigid to tie and require more experience.

To give you an idea, we consider low weights between 160 and 210 g / m2, average between 215 and 240 g / m2, high between 240 and 270 g / m2, very high over 270 g / m2.


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