Water bottle with straw for children


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BPA-free water bottle with built-in straw.


Ergonomic water bottle with built-in straw, useful for carrying water around for children without using disposable bottles. The sliding opening makes it very practical even for younger children, starting from 12 months, because they can open the bottle without having to unscrew the cap: by sliding the opening, the straw appears, which therefore always remains clean inside the bottle .

It is possible to wash the bottle in the dishwasher (in the upper basket) and also sterilize it.

On the outside there are notches that indicate the amount of liquid, up to 250 ml, but it can be refilled a little more. Thanks to the anti-drip system, the bottle does not leak even when it is overturned, if the opening remains closed.

You can put the bottle in the backpack, in the stroller bag, in the sports bag without fear of it falling over; also useful to keep near your baby’s bed and to use for lying down drinking like a bottle.

It does not contain BPA.


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