Swimsuit for adults with incontinence



Swimsuit for adults with incontinence


Swimsuit for people with incontinence problems, suitable for the pool and the sea.

This swim diaper is produced in various sizes to adapt perfectly to every body size. You can wear the swim diaper while standing or lying down like a diaper. In fact, on the sides the costume can be completely opened thanks to 2 very resistant velcro strips. The velcro also allows you to perfectly adjust the size of the swimsuit around the thigh, based on your build.

Externally this swim diaper for men and women is in waterproof polyurethane, while inside it is entirely lined with hypoallergenic microfiber. The double internal barrier and the elasticated edges ensure a perfect seal in case of “solid leaks”. Thanks to the swim diaper, incontinent people can safely access the pools open to the public for therapy or entertainment.

These swim diaper can be washed if necessary even at 95°C and 200 washes are guaranteed. Made in Italy by Sanytess.

Available sizes

Size M, waist between 55 and 95 cm

Size L, waist between 60 and 105 cm

Size XL, waist between 80 and 130 cm


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