Neck warmer in wool fleece


Neck warmer in oragnic wool fleece for babies.


Easy and warm Iobio neck warmer for children.

This neck warmer is in GOTS certified organic wool fleece, that is 100% merino wool worked to give a soft and compact texture like synthetic fleece. The wool fleece is skin-friendly and does not pinch.

The GOTS certification guarantees that the wool comes from animal farms fed by organic farming products and that the entire production chain must comply with ethical requirements.

Wool has thermoregulatory properties, so it warms the baby’s neck and chest without making him sweat. The particular shape of the neck warmer allows it to always be kept in place under the jacket even when the child plays and runs.

Two sizes are available:

Size S: internal round neck about 25 cm

Size L: internal round neck about 36 cm

Matchable with wool fleece gloves.


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