Ring slings in organic cotton Dandelion


Neko Sling organic cotton ring sling.

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Neko Sling ring sling, 175cm long, 100% organic cotton, weight 244g / m2, made in Turkey.

Features: practical and quick to use, suitable for all seasons, usable from when the baby is able to support the head and torso well (about 4 months) until you want to wear it, thanks to the diagonal weave of the fabric that also supports heavy weights. However, consider that the weight is balanced on one shoulder only, so it is convenient to use this sling at home, for short trips, at the supermarket, for ups and downs with older children. The fabric above the rings is “open” (it is an “open shoulder” band) to be able to position it well along the entire shoulder, ensuring optimal distribution of the baby’s weight.

With this sling you can carry your baby in front or on the hip.

Machine washable at 30 °, you can’t use the dryer.


The weight of a band is its weight calculated in grams per square meter (g / m2). The more the weight increases, the more the sling is supportive and therefore suitable for carrying even heavy children. On the other hand, bands with very high weights are a little more rigid to tie and require more experience.

To give you an idea, we consider low weights between 160 and 210 g / m2, average between 215 and 240 g / m2, high between 240 and 270 g / m2, very high over 270 g / m2.


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