Cotton Ringsling Girasol “Sol y Mar”


Ringsling for babies and toddlers

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Girasol baby slings are in pure cotton, without chemical treatments, with aluminium rings. They are dyed, woven and sewn by artisans in Guatemala, according to the principles of fair trade.

They are medium weight wraps (215,84 g/m²), suitable for both newborns and toddlers. The cross-will weave makes them elastic diagonally, but also supportive for big children. Girasol ring slings take up little space in a bag, stroller or car, to always keep them ready for use. They are comfortable for short trips, for big children who walk but get tired after a while, for summer by the sea.

The band is 1,70 meters long, the shoulder is ghatered. The didactic borders of different colors and the striped weaving help to correctly adjust the wrap into the rings, suitable even for less experienced parents. You find also an instruction manual inside.


The new wraps are pre-washed and are therefore ready for use. Occasionally they can be washed at 30 ° or 60 °, with a delicate cycle, maximum spin 900 rpm, ecological detergent, without using either bleach or fabric softener. Put the wrap into a washing net or pillow case to protect washing machine and rings. They can be ironed to counteract the natural slight shrinkage of the cotton. Don’t use a dryer.

Watch the video tutorial for Girasol ring slings.


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