Pocket nappy Charlie Banana in organic cotton and hemp 1 insert


Pocket nappy by Charlie Banana with 1 absorbent insert in cotton and hemp, one size adjustable 3.5-15 kg approximately.


Pocket nappy by Charlie Banana with 1 absorbent insert, one size adjustable 3.5-15 kg approximately in organic cotton and hemp. New version with PUL border around the thighs and waist, more performing in preventing pee leaks.

The pocket nappy Charlie Banana is a washable nappy fast to put on, soft, thin, quick drying and in funny patterns. Each nappy has an internal pocket in which you can place the liner supplied.

The outside of the Pocket Charlie Banana diaper is made of high quality PUL (laminated polyurethane), waterproof but breathable; the interior is in Interlock organic cotton. The absorbent inserts have one side in 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton, to keep in contact with the skin, and one side in microfibre (the side with the label). The natural fibers ensure excellent absorbency: this diaper is therefore particularly suitable for the night, for older children who pee a lot and for those who prefer natural materials in contact with the skin. In summer they are cooler than the Charlie Banana variant in microfleece.

The adjustment of size is simple and precise: in the inner edge of the thigh are inserted two elastic bands to be pulled according to the desired size, such as the shoulder of the bras. On the elastic is printed the size of the diaper XS, S, M, L to facilitate the same adjustment on both sides.

The Charlie Banana pocket nappies close with snap buttons: first adjust the leg closing the side wing along the row of buttons along the bottom and then close the nappy at the waist using the row of buttons at the top.

Care instructions: machine wash cold or warm wash to a maximum of 40℃ (although the experience of some mothers shows that washing at 60°C does not compromise the nappy), do not use fabric softener or bleach, do not iron. Tumble dry low or hang dry. It is advisable to wash the nappies a few times before using them.

Watch in the video how to adjust Charlie Banana nappies:


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