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All-in-3 pouch nappy in three sizes: organic cotton outer panty + inner waterproof pouch + absorbent cotton insert with elastic band for EC


Popolini’s size diaper designed for daytime use, for those who want little space and with a useful optional band for those who want to practice Elimination Communication (bring the newborn to do their needs by catching the anticipatory signals, find out more in the blog).

The Easyfree nappy is available in 3 sizes: S (~ 2.5-5kg), M (~ 5-10kg) and L (~ 9-15kg).

It is made up of 4 parts and is structured in reverse to the “fitted absorbent + waterproof cover” washable nappy system

1) External cover: in soft 100% organic cotton with reinforced side barriers, it fits comfortably without marking on the thighs or belly. It closes on the hips with Velcro, without tightening the belly when the baby is sitting.

2) Waterproof pouch: it is made of breathable PUL (polyester with polyurethane), it retains moisture avoiding leakage to the outside and thanks to the side barriers it also contains liquid stools well. The absorbent inserts are placed in the pouch. The pouch attaches to the inside of the cover with press studs.

3) Absorbent insert with pocket: it is the part that absorbs the pee. The insert attaches to the pouch with snap buttons. The part in contact with the skin is in organic cotton terry, while the inner core is in viscose and polyester. The insert is provided with a pocket in which to place any other inserts (not included) to enhance absorbency; however the additional inserts can also be simply placed, without necessarily inserting them.

4) “Nappyfree” band: if you want, you can hook this band to the cover using the special hooks to “tie” the nappy to the baby’s belly. In this way it is possible to open and close the diaper quickly with one hand while the baby is positioned on the toilet or on a sink to do their needs.

When changing nappies, the absorbent insert is washed and the cot and the cotton cover are reused; in the case of liquid stools, on the other hand, it is likely that the pouch will also need to be washed.

Apart from that, you can buy other waterproof cots and additional inserts.


Maximum washing temperature:

Cover 40°C, pouch 60°C, insert 95°C.

It is advisable to wash the insert once or twice before use to activate its absorbency.


Sounds complicated? Watch the video!


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