Organic cotton absorbent inserts for cloth adult nappy “Kombolone”


Organic cotton absorbent inserts for cloth adult nappy “Kombolone”


You can use these absorbent inserts with the Kombolone nappy for teenagers and adults, in order to have more clean inserts to replace the dirty ones. The absorbent insert in organic cotton is attached to the waterproof outer pant with snaps.

The system allows you to modulate the degree of absorbency according to needs. The absorbent insert supplied is in fact equipped with a pocket in which to insert any additional booster inserts.

How to use

Before use, wash the absorbent cotton insert at least once, the diaper will reach its maximum absorbency in about 10 washes.

Wear the diaper; if necessary, add a disposable liner to collect feces if it is also assumed that it is used for faecal incontinence. When changing, remove the liner and, if dirty, throw it in the toilet or in the dry; if the liner is only wet with pee, it can be washed and reused other times. Detach the absorbent insert and put it to wash. If necessary dry the outer cover  with a cloth or sponge and attach a new clean insert (other spare parts can be purchased separately). To increase absorbency, put other inserts inside the pocket (prefold or muslin or rectangular inserts, sold separately).

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After use, put the used diapers in the washing machine, in a bin with a lid or in a special waterproof and breathable wet bag. Store up to 3 days without leaving it to soak. In the washing machine, rinse first and then proceed with a long wash at 40 ° or 60 °, adding more laundry to have a fully loaded cycle. Use an environmentally friendly detergent and do not use fabric softener. If necessary, the cotton inserts can also be washed at 95 °.

Sizes and materials

The sizes are matched to the sizes of the complete Kombolone diaper: for optimal comfort, use the same size as the diaper including waterproof pant (available separately).

Absorbent nappy: 85% organic cotton GOTS, 15% polyester

Oeko-tex  Standard 100 certified, made in Hungary.

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