Newborn Kombolino Ai2 washable nappy with cover



Two-piece nappy in size S

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Popolini’s Kombolino nappy is designed for the first months of a baby’s life. It is an All in 2 type nappy, so it is composed of an external waterproof cover and an absorbent cotton insert that must be assembled together. The insert must be placed inside the cover and fixed through the velcro strips of the flaps (occupying half of the free velcro) and through the velcro inside the cover.

It is a small nappy, suitable for newborns for the first months of life, from 3 to 6 kg approximately. The cover (size S) can also be used as a waterproof pant on top of other fitted nappy (for example the Panda, Onesize and Ultrafit models).

You can find it at a special price while stocks last.


Outer cover: 100% polyester with laminated polyurethane

Absorbent insert: 85% organic cotton, 15% polyester; inner core 50% viscose, 50% polyester



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