MaxiSnap cloth nappy Popolini



Popolini washable nappy one size in organic cotton terry


The MaxiSnap nappy improve and replace the old OneSize cloth nappy model.

Popolini’s Maxisnap nappy fits from 3.5 kg to 15 kg: the size is reduced by folding the front part on itself with the buttons. Each nappy comes with an extra absorbent cotton terry insert that can be placed inside when extra absorbency is needed (for the night and for older babies). It should be used with a waterproof cover to put on.

The MaxiSnap model is available in the “soft” variant 85% organic cotton and 15% polyester thread (polyester makes the diaper softer and more resistant to washing), or “organic” 100% organic cotton.

Watch in the video how to put the MaxiSnap diaper:


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