Mexican bola / pregnancy pendant


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Pregnancy necklace with xylophone.


The bola is a jewel of Mexican origin, also called harmony ball. It is a silver pendant that contains a small xylophone: the pregnant mother can wear it from the fourth month. In fact, at 20 weeks of life, the baby in the belly begins to perceive and recognize sounds: the mother’s voice, the heartbeat, external sounds.

The Babylonia bola, swaying on the belly, emits a gentle tinkle for the baby and not annoying for the mother: little by little the sound will become familiar and will have a calming effect even after birth. The cord included in the package is long up to the navel: after childbirth you can wear the bola around your neck or wrist or you can keep it as a souvenir to then give to the baby.

Each bola is shipped in its original box, which can be used as a gift box.


The Babylonia bola are in alpaca silver with satin, enameled or engraved decorations. They do not contain nickel and lead.

When wearing, rubbing against clothes ensures that the bola always stays shiny. If it gets black in some places, just rub it with a little moistened baking soda, rinse it and dry it.


Hear the sound of the Mexican bola in this video:



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