Breastfeeding / teething necklaces


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Necklace in wood and cotton to entertain small children while breastfeeding or when they are in your arms.


The breastfeeding necklaces are made of natural and non-toxic materials, suitable for younger children. What are they for? From 3-4 months babies begin to explore the world with their hands and mouth, so it often happens that during the feeding the little ones “play” with their free hand with the mother’s body. They can be pleasant caresses, but also small slaps, pinches to the other nipple, hair pulling, scratches… The mother can wear the necklace while feeding, offering the baby an alternative entertainment: the elements of the necklace intrigue with different shapes and materials (smooth, rough, round, full, hollow …). The newborn remains more “concentrated” on the feeding, remaining attached for longer and avoiding to detach from the breast often distracted by other external stimuli.

It is also common experience that children really like their mother’s necklaces and as soon as they are in their arms they “hang” on them and start playing with them… For some time you can keep your favorite necklaces safe and put these on, which your child can safely manipulate and put in his mouth without causing damage when he is in your arms!

They are also a toy for children carried in sling or baby carriers: in addition to “sucking” the band or the shoulder strap of the baby carrier, the little one can entertain himself with these necklaces, without the risk of losing other toys given in hand (especially if they are worn on the back). Wooden rings can be placed in the mouth to provide relief during the teething period.

The materials used are: beech wood for the pearls and rings, crochet cotton, maple wood for the pendants, naturally scented juniper wood (where indicated), silicone in some elements. These necklaces are handmade in Italy by artisan mothers.

With the same materials you can also find the pacifier chains with clips.


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