Mei Tai organic cotton Babylonia colored stripes



Mei Tai Babylonia in organic cotton.

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The Mei Tai is a support for carrying newborns from 2 months of age and children. This mei tai is made in India for Babylonia in a fair trade project..

Weight: 260 gsm.

Features: it is a rectangle of fabric from which four strips start at the corners: two are to be tied at the hips like a belt, the other two cross on the back or on the chest. With the Mei Tai you can carry the baby in front and on the side, or on the back like a backpack.

It is made of sturdy, loom-woven organic cotton that supports even older children up to 15 kg well. Compared to the sling it is easier to tie, especially to carry on the back, but equally wraparound and comfortable for the child and for the bearer.
The package includes a cotton bag with shoulder strap to store the mei tai and an illustrated instruction booklet.

A mei tai comes with a pocket for your keys or phone.

Color: colored lines, even the bands that are seen in the photo black.

Machine washable at 60°C, you can use the dryer.


The weight of a band is its weight calculated in grams per square meter (g / m2). The more the weight increases, the more the sling is supportive and therefore suitable for carrying even heavy children. On the other hand, bands with very high weights are a little more rigid to tie and require more experience.

To give you an idea, we consider low weights between 160 and 210 g / m2, average between 215 and 240 g / m2, high between 240 and 270 g / m2, very high over 270 g / m2.


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