Mei tai adjustable in organic cotton and bamboo Neko 3 months / 2 years


Neko Slings adjustable Mei tai in organic cotton and bamboo.

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Mei tai by Neko Slings, adjustable, 60% organic cotton and 40% bamboo viscose, made in Turkey.

Features: semi-structured support to carry babies in front chest to chest or back as a backpack. Soft and wraparound as a sling, but easy to use like a baby carrier. Thanks to the adjustments it is suitable to carry babies from the first months of life up to about 2 years.

The waistband is padded with automatic buckle closure like a baby carriers, but the shoulder straps are replaced by two bands to cross on the back like those of a mei-tai.

The mei tai Neko can be adjusted both in height and width. The seat width is adjusted using a sturdy velcro positioned inside the band, while the side drawstrings allow you to raise and lower the height of the panel to adapt it to the body of the child. The legs are supported by knee to knee, in a comfortable and ergonomic position for both the child and the carrier.

The mei tai can also be used by parents with different build as the upper band fabric is always suitable for the body of the wearer. The weight of the baby is well discharged on the body thanks to the padded belt.

The removable headband attaches to the fabric at the shoulder of the wearer, to support the baby’s head when sleeping or to protect it from sun or wind.

The package includes a coordinated backpack bag to contain the mei tai and an instruction manual.

Watch the video explaining the Neko adjustable mei tai:


– Depending on the adjustment, the seat width of the panel is adjustable from 25 to 38 cm

– Depending on the setting, the height of the panel is adjustable from 20 to 40 cm

Belt height 10cm

– Shoulder strap width 25cm

Color: shades of gray



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