Ergonomic baby carrier in organic cotton Babylonia 0-48 months


Babylonia ergonomic adjustable support to carry in front, on the side and on the back, in organic cotton.


Ergonomic Babylonia support to carry baby on the front, side and back./p>

This baby carrier / backpack is made of organic cotton and can be used up to approximately 4 years (3.5-20 kg). Although the manufacturer offers this baby carrier from birth, I suggest waiting for the first month.

It is an ergonomic baby carrier because the child’s seat is wide and allows to accommodate the natural “C” curve of the back and to keep the legs curled in an “M” shape, that is with the knees higher than the bottom. Depending on the comfort, you can choose whether to cross the shoulder straps on the back or keep them parallel. A windproof hood with sun protection is incorporated, also useful for supporting the head when the child falls asleep. The closure on the waistband has a safety lock to prevent accidental release.

Weight: 0,620 kg

Panel size

0-3 months: seat 17cm, height 28cm

3-10 months: seat 17cm, height 28cm

10-48 months: seat 17cm, height 28cm

The package includes the booklet with photographic instructions for wearing front, side and back.


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