Wet bag large

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Wet bag large


Popolini wet nappy bag (Nappy Bag or Wet Bag) made of PUL, the waterproof and breathable material used for the panties of washable nappies. It is useful for storing used washable nappies when you are away from home and at the nursery. No odors come out of this bag and no mold is created, as the fabric is breathable.

It is a large bag: you can use it at home as a substitute for the bin to store nappies while waiting for washing, hanging next to the changing table thanks to the practical hook. If you make a mixed use of washable and disposable nappies you can put the former in the wet bag and the disposable ones in the bin. You can also use it to line the bin and comfortably transfer the used nappies into the washing machine without handling them one by one: if you want you can also wash the bag together with the nappies.

You use it on all occasions when outside the home you need to collect dirty nappies waiting for washing: in a hotel or camping, on vacation in a house where you don’t know if there will be a bin for dirty laundry or you don’t want to mix it with other occupants (grandparents, friends…).

Its size is comfortable even if you use diapers simultaneously on two children.

Size: the circular opening with hinge has a diameter of 30 cm, the height is 60 cm.

Capacity: 10/15 nappies.


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