Waterproof cover in wool Popolini

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Popolini wool cover for washable nappies, in 3 sizes.


The “WoolPant” knitted merino wool Popolini cover is used over the washable nappies in place of the PUL panty. It is waterproof and extremely breathable, it adapts well to the child’s body like a suit, it leaves no marks. It also keeps warm the tummy of babies, which is why it can also be used over disposable nappies.

Available in sizes S (3-6kg), M (5-10kg) and L (9-15kg).

Care and washing: the wool covers to put on washable nappies must be treated with care to avoid damaging them. If they get wet with pee, just let them air dry to make them clean and odorless again, thanks to the self-cleaning action of the lanolin contained in the fibers. In case of faecal stains or, in any case, every 3-4 weeks they should be washed with a delicate detergent with a wool program in the washing machine or by hand in cold water. They are left to dry in a horizontal position, eventually wrapping them first with a towel to remove excess water.

With washing they tend to lose the lanolin content, which is why to make them waterproof again and therefore functional, they should be made periodic lanolin baths with the Ulrich impregnant. Any felting over time makes the cover even more waterproof, even if it loses its softness.

Watch in the video the characteristics of the wool nappy covers :


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