Washable nappy rental kit “Fitted 0-30 months”


Test rental kit of washable nappie.

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In this kit you will find washable “fitted” type nappies in organic cotton to be used with a waterproof cover on top. They are very absorbent nappies, suitable for day and night, from birth to potty training. You can choose this kit if you like “fitted” as a type of washable nappy, but you want to understand which model you are best with. They are used washable nappies, but in good condition, which I have given to customers who no longer need them. Find detailed descriptions of the various diaper models here.

Composition of the “0-30 months” kit”

– 2 fitted Panda Popolini in one size adjustable cotton with insert

– 1 Ultrafit Soft fitted in cotton one size adjustable with insert

– 1 fitted Ultrafit Interlock in cotton in one size adjustable with insert

– 2 fitted Onesize Popolini in one size adjustable cotton with insert

– 2 rectangular cotton terry inserts (to be used to reinforce the absorbency of each diaper)

– 2 Stay-dry towels to keep the skin dry

– 2 Popowrap Popolini waterproof covers in PUL to be used on top of all nappies (indicate in the order notes the age and weight of the child to receive the suitable size)

– ONLY ON REQUEST you can have a wool cover in place of a PUL cover, indicating this in the order notes

– 10/15 plies Popolini disposable waste collector of the type in roll or Popli Box depending on the age of the child

– 1 sample of ecological detergent

– 1 discount voucher valid for 6 months which will still remain yours

– washing instructions

How much does the rental cost?

The rental costs € 16 including shipping costs for picking up the package from your home. Then there is a € 70 deposit which will be returned upon receipt of the kit at Happynappy; the deposit will be reduced in proportion to the damage in case of missing, damaged or conspicuously haloed nappies. At the time of purchase € 7.90 will be added for delivery costs, alternatively delivery will be free if you reach € 95 of order. Basically it will be enough to add products for a minimum of € 9.

Nappies must be returned clean and with lint-free Velcro straps. For washing it is necessary to follow the instructions that will be delivered with the kit. In particular, it is forbidden to use bleach, softeners, sanitizers, in order not to damage the diapers and respecting the skin of children, even those who will try the kit later.

How to return nappies?

At the end of the rental you will have to return the nappies in the same box received with the kit. The detergent and any remaining veils remain yours. Together with the package you will receive a sheet to be used for the return shipment, you will agree with Happynappy to agree on the day of collection of the package by the courier.

How long does the rental of washable nappies last?

The rental lasts 3 weeks, the date of shipment of the package is considered as the first day. On day 21th the nappies must be packed and ready for collection. You can extend the rental by a week by notifying Happynappy before the deadline, at a cost of € 5 which will be deducted from the deposit. The extension must be authorized and will be possible if there are no pending kit reservations.

How to buy new washable nappies?

If you are satisfied with the tested nappies you can buy them from Happynappy. Your deposit will be converted into a € 9 plus voucher to be used within one month for purchases in the “washable nappies” category, your voucher will then be € 79. Any unused amount will be refunded or you can use it for subsequent purchases.

How to get a refund of the deposit?

If after the rental you are not interested in buying washable nappies from Happynappy just let us know. The refund of the deposit will be made with the same payment method you used for the purchase, within 2 days of your communication. The discount coupon received with the package remains yours.

Do you have any other questions? Call Lucia at no. 342 7616744 for all necessary clarifications.

Is the rental kit not available? Write a message here to book it and be notified as soon as it is free.

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