Shirt organic cotton yellow with narwhal


Long-sleeved shirt in organic cotton.


Piccalilly T-shirt in pure organic cotton GOTS certified mustard yellow with narwhal and its magic horn …

Combinable with light blue trousers with narwhals.

Size chart: Piccalilly fit is generally abundant.


   newborn   0-3 months   3-6 months   6-12 months
Height    50/56cm   56/64cm   64/72cm   72/80cm
Chest    41cm   44cm   47cm   50cm
Vita    41cm   43cm   45cm   47cm
Weight    up to 4.5kg   4.5-6kg   6-8kg   8-10kg


  12-18 months    18-24 months    2-3 years    3-4 years
Height   80/86cm    86/92cm    92/98cm    98/104cm
Chest   52cm    54cm    55cm    57cm
Vita   49cm    51cm    52cm    54cm
Weight   10-12kg    12-14kg


   4-5 years    5-6 years    6-7 years
Height    104 /110cm    110/116cm    116/122cm
Chest    59cm    61cm    63cm
Vita    56cm    58cm    60cm

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