Eco Boom biodegradable bamboo wet wipes


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Pack of 60 Eco Boom bamboo fiber wet wipes.

Eco Boom wipes are suitable for all skins, even the most delicate ones because they do not contain alcohol, perfumes or other irritants. In fact, the solution they are soaked in is made up of 99.5% purified water, then Aloe extract and glycerin. The package is resealable and the rigid opening ensure a perfect closure and keep them at the right degree of humidity. The wipes measure 14×20 cm.

You can use them for diaper changes, but also for cleaning baby’s face and hands or for freshening up when you are away from home.

Bamboo is an ecological fiber because in a few months the plant reaches the right size  to be cut and processed.


Eco Boom bamboo wipes are guaranteed by several certifications:

  •  ISO 9001 which certifies the quality of the company
  • ISO 14001 which certifies the quality of the company’s environmental management system and its commitment to reducing the impact on the environment.
  • GMP which certifies good manufacturing practices to obtain safe products in the food and cosmetic sectors
  • CE which guarantees the product’s suitability for sale on the European market

How to use

Remove the seal from the package and take out one wipe at a time. After use dispose of in the dry residue, do not throw in the toilet.

Watch the Eco Boom wipes in the video.



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