My mom stays with me



Book for mothers who try to reconcile work and family by working from home.

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For many women the arrival of a child coincides with the end of the career (when not of the professional life in general). Other mothers, unable to do without a salary, with great sorrow are forced to delegate the care of their children. However, reconciling work and family is now possible, thanks also to the many resources made available by the internet. Reinventing is possible, starting from your own skills, passions and aspirations. Just a little creativity and a good spirit of initiative.
The author shares her personal experience with the reader and provides useful advice and ideas to mothers who wish to re-enter the world of work after motherhood.

Claudia Porta is the mother of three children, blogger, entrepreneur and writer.
(172 pages)

[P.S. This is the book from which the idea of “Happynappy”…]


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