Long tight trousers (Longies) in merino wool

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Merino wool trousers, winter cover for washable nappies.


Iobio long tight trousers in pure merino wool knitted, very soft, does not sting. They can be used in winter combined with sweaters or used as a cover for washable nappies in place of waterproof PUL underwear (in this case they are also called “longies”).

They are often used at night in winter over washable nappies, to replace short wool covers: compared to a PUL cover, the trousers do not move, leave no marks and it is not necessary to put on other items of clothing.
In fact, wool retains moisture and makes the skin transpire: after use it is sufficient to leave them exposed to the air to regenerate them if they are not dirty. Depending on their use, they should be washed from time to time (by hand or with the “wool” program in the washing machine) and periodically waterproofed with a lanolin bath with Ulrich impregnating agent.

After purchase, a waterproofing treatment is recommended before use.


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