Leather shoes with suede sole Inch Blue 18-24 months



Soft leather shoes with suede sole.

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Brand:Inch Blue

Soft genuine leather shoes with suede sole made in the UK by Inch Blue.

Inch Blue newborn and baby shoes are made of soft leather, child-tested and breathable. In the first years of life, children’s shoes must be soft and flexible, to leave the foot free to move and grow without constraints. The ankle is slightly elastic to keep the shoe firm and prevent it from slipping off the foot.

These shoes were born from the passion and creativity of a mother who began to produce them for her children. Rhiannon Owen in fact started producing shoes in 1999 in Wales and has since received many awards and appreciation (her shoes have also dressed the feet of “Royal Babies” and celebrities).

Leather shoes are used in all seasons, with or without socks, to protect and repair the feet of younger children. Especially when they start walking, babies need light shoes with a flexible sole that allows the foot to bend. You can have these shoes worn indoors or outdoors, in all places where your child begins to explore the environment around him with his own legs.

Shoes in size XL fit from 18 to 24 months (sizes 22/23) and are 14.5 cm long. How to know if it is the right shoe? Measure your child’s foot and consider that it must be about 1.5 cm smaller (more or less the width of your toe) than the length of the shoe: in this way the foot will be comfortable and you can use the shoe for several months.

Watch the video (the packaging of the shoes is no longer the plastic bag, but a cardboard box; there is no more wadding inside, but if you need you can add it yourself):



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