Lambskin for cot/stroller


Vegetable-tanned Popolini lambskin.

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(arriving by June) The Popolini lambskin has a 3 cm high fur and measures approximately 85×55 cm.

It can be used in the stroller or in the baby’s cot/crib. Lambskin is a product that gives baby comfort and safety: it insulates from heat and cold while maintaining an ideal temperature for sleep. Wool absorbs the smells of the house making the fleece a familiar object for the baby: for this reason it is advisable to keep the fleece in the mother’s bed for a while before giving it to the baby, so as to leave an unmistakable “mother’s smell”. With the fleece the little one does not feel too much difference in temperature and softness between the body of the person holding it in his arms and the bed on which he is placed to sleep.

The fleece can be used for many years in the cot, directly in contact with the child, without interposing sheets.
Made in Austria with vegetable tanning (with corn starch) without harmful substances.


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