Color changing umbrella black with dinosaurs


Children’s umbrellas that are colored in contact with water.

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There are no more excuses not to go out when it rains: your children will have a lot of fun with the magic umbrellas of Holly and Beau because they get colored with water!

The “color change” umbrellas for children have a background tint in various colors and white designs: as soon as they are wet, the white design magically turns… When the umbrella dries, the designs turn white, ready for the next rain.

Rainy days will no longer be boring!

  • Height from handle to tip: 62 cm
  • Hook handle width: 7.5 cm
  • Diameter of the open umbrella: 84cm
  • Weight: 220g
  • PVC free
  • 100% polyester

Leave open to dry.

Use the discount code S590 if you want to buy only an umbrella: you will pay the shipping only € 5.90 instead of € 7.90!

Also discover the color-changing raincoats from Holly and Beau. Watch the magic in the video:


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