Christmas leggings with socks Blade and Rose snowman


Leggings with socks in organic cotton for girls and boys.


Lovely cotton leggings designed by an English mom in 2010.

Leggings are matched with a pair of matching socks of the same size.

They are characterized by funny designs that highlight the “padded” bottom of babies with nappies. The fabric is soft and stretchy, comfortable for crawling and walking babies, at home or for the nursery.

Blade and Rose leggings are particularly popular with mothers who use washable nappies because, given their elasticity, they fit well without being too bulky and loosely packed.

75% Oeko-Tex certified combed cotton, 20% nylon, 5% spandex.


0-6 months: length 33 cm

6-12 months: length 38 cm

1-2 years: length 42 cm


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