Breastfeeding pillow in spelled husks


Breastfeeding and pregnancy pillow filled with spelled husks.


Popolini pillow for pregnancy and nursing filled with spelled husks, length 170 cm. The outer cover in organic cotton is removable, the inner cover contains the spelled husks and can be opened with a zip.

The nursing pillow supports the back and belly of the expectant mother when she sleeps, unlike the pillows filled with plastic material, it does not make you sweat. During breastfeeding it is a support for the mother’s arms and for the newborn’s body.

It then becomes a small nest that surrounds and supports the newborn in the first months of life when it still does not hold up well on the back; useful in the cot / crib to give a sense of “containment” and create boundaries.

The spelled husk is the external part of the spelled grain, treated in an appropriate way to prevent the birth of insects. Smells of nature!

This product is currently available to order in the desired color, shipping will therefore be postponed by 10/15 days. Contact me if necessary: ​​

On request it is also available only the organic cotton lining and the spelled husk filling in 1 kg packs.


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