Adjustable baby carrier Kavka Multiage linen 3 months/4 years cherry


Ergonomic adjustable baby carrier in linen.

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Ergonomic adjustable baby carrier Kavka for children from 62 cm, about 3 months, in linen.

The Kavka baby carrier is made using the fabrics of woven wraps, for this reason it is particularly soft and enveloping, very comfortable even for small children. The shoulder straps can be hooked to the waistband for babies up to about 6 months, then they can be hooked to the buckle placed in the middle of the panel: in this way the spine of babies is not stressed by the pressure of the shoulder straps. You can use the baby carrier both in the belly-to-belly position and on the back.

Thanks to the adjustments, the Kavka Multiage baby carrier can be used by infants starting from 3.5 kg in weight and 62 cm in height, up to a maximum of 20 kg in weight and 104 cm in height. Obviously these measures are indicative, the important thing is that the back and legs are well supported. The adjustment of the size is done by acting on the velcro of the ventral band: the fabric is moved from both sides by sliding it until the correct size is obtained to support the legs in the M position, without however being too wide apart. On the ventral band there are weight indications to guide you in choosing the size. The panel is adjustable by means of buckles placed between the panel and the shoulder straps.

There is a coordinated hood that can be attached to the panel with snaps and tied to the sliding eyelet on the shoulder strap, to support the head when the baby sleeps.

In the package you will find an instruction booklet in Italian.


  • wide: from 20 up to 48 cm
  • high: from 30 up to 42 cm


100% linen.

Hand wash max 30°, do not iron. Made in EU (Poland)

Look in the video how to adjust Kavka Multiage baby carrier.



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