Absorbent inserts in hemp and cotton for washable nappies



Absorbent inserts for washable nappies.

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Charlie Banana absorbent inserts to be used to increase the absorbency of washable nappies. They have one side in hemp and cotton (55% hemp and 45% cotton) to keep in contact with the skin and one side in microfiber (polyester and nylon), for a total of 4 layers of fabric.

The natural fibers ensure excellent absorbency: these inserts are therefore particularly suitable for the night, for older children who pee a lot and for those who prefer natural materials in contact with the skin.

They are used in all types of washable nappies: fitted, inside ciripĂ , pockets (in special pockets or simply placed).

Size: 31 x 12 cm, corresponds to the size S insert of the Charlie Banana pocket diapers.


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