3 in 1 wool coat for pregnancy and babywearing



Maternity and babywearing Made in Italy wool coat.

Brand:Wear Me

[In promotion at € 175 only for purchase in store in Cremona] The wool coats made in Italy by WearMe are designed for mothers who want to bring their children with support in winter.

They are made externally in wool, a fabric known for its thermoregulatory properties; inside they are lined with a windproof technical fabric lining. The result is a thin, not bulky garment, but suitable for both winter and mid-seasons.

You can wear the coat already from the last months of pregnancy because the stretch fabric is able to follow the growth of the belly well. If needed, you can still use the insert even during pregnancy.

After the baby is born, the insert protects and warms the baby carried in front in swaddling or baby carriers, allowing the mother to wear a comfortable, warm and also elegant garment without having to walk with the jacket open in winter. The convenience of having the baby tied under the jacket (and not on top) is that you can also enter heated places having the possibility to remove the jacket and keep the baby in the sling, without having to wake him up or re-tie him, and without suffering the hot.

In this coat there is no zipper on the back to put the insert also behind: however the thin and non-slippery fabric allows you to easily carry the baby even on the back by tying the band (or using the baby carrier) outside the coat. The child worn over the jacket is in contact with the wool, therefore a fabric that is pleasant to the touch and transmits heat.

Both the coat and the insert are equipped with an adjustable hood with drawstring: the one for the child also has two cute little ears!

After the babywearing period, the coats can be used without insert for everyday life. The philosophy of the Wear Me brand is in fact to create durable and functional garments, as well as aesthetically pleasing to wear.

The coat fits snugly to the body, but does not tighten: its elasticity in fact leaves freedom of movement. Despite being a thin coat, the combination of wool + internal technical fabric gives lasting warmth: with the baby worn in a sling, the heat will be even greater for both. The internal fabric is windproof and waterproof, but at the same time breathable: even after a brisk walk you do not have the annoying sensation of sweat of other non-breathable waterproof fabrics. The tight cuff also prevents air from entering the sleeves.

The fit of the coats is “normal” and corresponds to the size usually worn. The size S corresponds to a size 40 up to 165 cm in height and 52 kg in weight. Size M corresponds to sizes 42-44 up to 170 cm in height and 64 kg in weight.

WearMe coats and jackets are on sale in the Happynappy shop in Cremona: to come and try them, to find out about the availability of sizes and colors or for other information, call us at 342 7616744 or write to pannolinofelice@hotmail.it.


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